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You might not be wrong, but you’re never right.

There will always be someone that thinks you’re wrong. They’ve a good reason too. They’ve been taught different things. They’ve experienced different things. They believe different things.

If you were them, you’d think you were wrong too.

We all have our own world views and beliefs in what is right and wrong.

It’s helpful to be critical of our own beliefs to test and find rigour in our thinking. Take a moment to consider how your thinking might be right but how it might also be wrong.

Next time someone says you’re wrong, take the time to consider why they might be right to think that. You might find it helps your critical thinking, changes what you think, or allows you to connect with the other person in a way you hadn’t previously thought possible.

Take the time to consider what others think and why they think it. You might find that it’s worthwhile.

Am I wrong?

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