What done looks like

Getting our work out into the world is always a challenge.

We can always do better, but mustn’t use that as an excuse to not ship. Perfection is illusive and a trap and done always better than perfect.

Instead we might concentrate on two things. Shipping good enough, and once shipped, focusing on making it better.

The wonderful thing about shipping before your work is ready, or at least before it’s as good as you’d like it to be, is that there’s more help to make it better. It’s out in the world, waiting for generous constructive feedback, for input, for new ideas. It’s being tested and challenged. Giving you the opportunity to make it better than if you had been doing it without input.

If the goal is to make the best possible work, we have to accept that it’s an iterative process. Making better over time, is always an option.

Good enough. Ship. Make better.

We know we’re never really done with our work, but done looks a lot like shipped.

Today I launch unmeasured. The website is good enough. There’s still so much to do, still so many opportunities to make it better. I’m welcoming feedback to make it better.

The post was first published on the unmeasured blog.

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