Is a terrible question for architects to ask.

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Can architects answer what their clients’ value? Perhaps a harder question, but hopefully they can answer that.

Harder still might be: What do those people that architects more broadly seek to serve value? This will take empathy and letting go of preconceptions based upon personal values, that might bias the answer.

There are two points to consider.

There is little point in demonstrating why clients, future clients or the broader community should value what architects value if the values don’t align. Without aligned values people won’t care enough to engage with architects.

It’s also not a question of demonstrating the value architects bring to their clients, but of demonstrating why they should value the same things as well as the value brought by architects.

The important question becomes,

How might Architects find a way to better align their values with those they seek to serve and demonstrate why everyone else should value what they do?

It brings new meaning to the question, “What do architects value?”
What should architects value?

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