This statement has likely been uttered more times in the last few weeks than perhaps it has ever been uttered this century. Perhaps not in those exact words, but nevertheless with the same intent.

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It’s a generative statement. It’s an intent to develop new ideas and ways of doing things. I was first introduced to it in Adam Morgan and Mark Barden’s book “A Beautiful Constraint”. If there was ever a serious constraint to be overcome it’s the impact of Covid-19 on work and daily life.

We can see what can be achieved when we become creative and more generative. Before we might have stated it was impossible to have all employees working from home. Now… we can if we adopt Zoom meetings, Slack communication, put our servers in the cloud and accept that all employees may need to have slightly more flexible hours.

“We can if…” is optimistic. It suggests possibility. It’s solutions based.

This focus on solutions on possibility has been imposed on us for the present. What if we were to continue that thinking when no longer forced to by a virus?

The author, Michael, is the founder of unmeasured, where he works with architects to forge better human and professional skills.

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