The Secret to Understanding

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If you want to understand something or someone, start with curiosity. Curiosity is an infinite resource.

Become curious. Start with questions. Ask good questions.

There are no stupid questions. Questions lead to understanding.

Be openminded, make no assumptions. A closed or presumptive mind is not curious.

Curiosity challenges acceptance, it leads to more rigorous thought.

Curiosity allows us to connect things together and see something anew or new.

It there’s someone that angers, frustrates or mystifies. Get curious. You can’t be angry and curious at the same time.

Challenged by uncommon questioning from someone? What’s the question behind their questions?

This curiosity can lead to empathic understanding.

You can’t be curious and indifferent. Curiosity is active.

Apathy killed the cat. A curious cat sees more and better understands the world.

It’s not really a secret. Be more curious. Understand more.

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