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Now that many people are now working from home, what do we see that is different?

The boundaries between work and home have been blurred. Many had set a threshold between work and home. Cross that threshold and you either enter work or home. That threshold is now gone, at least for now.

If we put aside the difference in productivity due to the extenuating circumstances of home schooling and adjusting to new systems or processes, what might it suggest? How might we use this to change our relationship with work?

What if instead of making the distinction between work and life, we were to exclsuively…

Choose Life

What might that mean for how we go about our lives and do our work?

We can work when we want and where we want.

People’s expectations are permanently adjusted.

Asynchronous work becomes the new normal.

Productivity is increased through new processes and through reduced travel or distraction.

Living our best lives, with work hours adjusted to suit life.

This may sound impossible, but so much was considered impossible until very recently. Expectations can shift. Possibilities are realised. It’s time to choose work that allows us to do this or work out a way it may be possible. It is a choice.

It might just be that the time is right to adjust your expectations around what is possible and cross the threshold to life you want.

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