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The world is changing. It is always changing. Change is OK.

Many people are calling out those managing change poorly. This is not especially constructive.

There are also many people making remarkable change happen. Doing generous and incredible work.

Opportunities lie here. Opportunities to be constructive. For this change to not just to cope in our current predicament, but for lasting change to be effected.

My desire is for people to consider not just about what they might do to manage their current circumstances, but instead consider how they might make change with a lasting and positive impact. Leaving a trace.

A trace with family.
A trace with friends.
A trace with community.
A trace with your business.
A trace in the world.

How might you leave positive and lasting traces in the world?

Want to know more about the author?
Michael is the co-founder of
Redshift Architecture & Art, and founder & coach at Ed Shift.

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| Not inclined to stay inside the | lines.

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