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“We’re taught to do things the right way. But if you want to discover something that other people haven’t, you need to do things the wrong way. Initiate a failure by doing something that’s very silly, unthinkable, naughty, dangerous. Watching why that fails can take you on a completely different path.” — James Dyson

When confronted with the thought that it might not work…
five things to keep in mind.

Start. If you don’t start, it certainly won’t work. You can be sure of that.

There may be failures along the way, but better to reframe them as steps towards success. Thomas Edison famously made 10 000 light bulbs before he succeeded at inventing the incandescent light,
“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”
- Thomas Edison
James Dyson took 5 years and 5127 prototypes in inventing the first bagless vacuum cleaner. When he launched, it was about 50% more expensive than the majority of cleaners on the market. He could have thrown up his hands at any time and declare the idea a failure. He didn’t. His company is now worth billions.

How might you continue to develop it until it does work?

What is the worst that can happen? Write that down. When you do, you might discover that the worst thing that could happen is not so bad after all.

It just seemed that way in your head.

If it’s hard. If you’re unsure. If you care. Then you are likely doing something that is important. You are doing something that is stretching you. This is the work that has value. The work you should be doing.

That’s success already.

What if it does work?

First published on Ed Shift

Want to know more about me? I’m Michael & I’m a co-founder & architect at Redshift Architecture & Art, and founder & coach at Ed Shift.

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