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Everyone is madly changing things up right now. Whether it is where they work, how they work, or what they’re doing. Many people are trying to identify how they might pivot their work.

What if a pivot is not enough? What if there’s the opportunity to do more?

To back up for a second and consider Strategy and Tactics. They’re often interchanged and important to understand when it comes to the pivot.

Strategy is an overarching plan with an end goal in mind.

Tactics are the actions taken to achieve the strategy.

An architect’s business strategy, for example, might be to become a specialist in library design. A tactic might be to visit as many libraries as possible and to speak to as many librarians as possible.

Strategy and tactics complement each other. Neither works well without the other. It is challenging to realise a strategy without clear tactics to put it into action. Without a clear strategy, finding direction is difficult and there’s nothing to measure the success of the tactics against.

As the overarching plan, strategy can be difficult to change quickly. Yet we can change tactics more nimbly as needs dictate.

It’s also worth noting that while people may be able to copy your tactics, as the outward facing aspect of your work, strategy can be more inward facing and challenging to copy.

Returning to the pivot. The pivot suggests a change in tactics. A change in tactics may be exactly what is needed right now.

On the other hand, as change happens around you, the questions to ask are: Is my goal the same and is this the right direction for my work? Do I need to spend time on a whole new strategy or is a new tactic enough?

Now might be the right time to change your strategy.

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