Instigating Change… in the Architectural Profession

“Start by doing what you can with what you’ve got, where you are and in your own way.” — Cleo Wade

The thing is, it’s an impossibly monumental task to change or expect to change the entirety of a profession.
So there’s no point in trying.
You’ll fail.
That’s not to say, you shouldn’t try.
You might succeed after all.

So what should you do?
Start. Nothing happens until then.
What first step might be worth trying?

You must consider that when instigating change the key is to find those people that are on the same journey as you. Start with those who also seek the changes you seek. You’ll need to enrol them in your journey together. Lead them. Teach them how they might work together to effect the change. Empower them.

The thing is, this is all about culture.
Culture drives change. No matter what strategies you come up with culture always plays a role, in fact culture will win every time

“Culture eats strategy for Breakfast” — Peter Drucker

Culture builds connection, community, values and it empowers people. Culture directs performance, can deliver disfunction but also has the power to effect change.

Find those that are part of the culture, the architectural profession, those seeking the change you seek. Build connections, conversations an emotional connection. Tell the stories that resonate. Lead them to change.

“If we change the right people in the right way, the culture begins to change.” — Seth Godin

…and in that way the culture might begin to effect change.

So we’re starting.
We’re looking for the others, those that are on this journey recognising that change must happen within and without the architecture profession. Those that are willing to change and to make change.

Who’s in?

Michael is the founder of unmeasured, supporting architects in their practice through coaching, workshops and community.

Helping architects find their desire lines in practice.

Photo by Arthur Brognoli on Pexels [cropped]

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