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…facepalming when you think someone has done something silly.

…becoming angry because someone has wronged you in some way

…hating on someone’s apposing point of view.

…ignoring someone because they’re annoying.

…looking down on someone for a perceived ignorance.

…dismiss someone for any combination of the above.

What if you became curious?
& instead tried to understand the other person?

Why might they have thought their actions were reasonable?

Why might they have thought they were doing the right thing?

Where might this alternate point of view come from and why might they hold it?

Why is it that this person may be acting this way and how might you help them?

Why has this person not had the opportunity to learn and how might you generously enlighten them.

Be curious. Seek to understand. Ask them questions. You might find answers bring understanding, connection, tolerance. They’re a human.

Want to know more about the author? I’m Michael, co-founder & architect at Redshift Architecture & Art, and founder & coach at Ed Shift, where this article was first published.

Photo by Akshar Dave from Pexels

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