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…no-one can hear you scream

We all linger in our silos, on social media, in social groups, in our consumption of news and media, potentially in all aspects of our lives. Our silos aren’t singular. We have many, our political silo, cultural silo, generation silo, professional silo…

What of the Architect’s (in) substantial silo?

You’ll notice it’s constructed of an aggregate of professional knowledge within a slurry of design imperative, reinforced by dogma, fabricated upon a foundation of self-importance and impervious below a layer of jargon finished with honed rhetoric (phew!) Impressive isn’t it?

Some consider the architect’s silo a beacon in isolation, in truth it’s located amongst an oddment of silos, all more craftily wrought by other institutions within a culture of building.

The thing about a silo is that once you’re inside, it’s very hard to see out and no end of shouting is likely to be heard. It makes me curious…

Is it possible to be a true leader from within a silo?

Maybe it’s time to implode the architectural silo or more realistically punch some holes in it, shine the light in, let the stuffiness out and to turn it into a more contemporary edifice.

Puncturing its skin with better facilitate the profession to hear, to listen, to communicate. The profession should invite others in to diversify the thinking, to add to the skill base, to build a bigger community. It would inspire opportunities to build bridges between other silos, for connection.

…for connection.

Connection, that’s what the profession seems largely to miss. Conscious connection. Curious connection. Empathetic connection. Sure, connections exist within the silo or with those who at least have their ears hard pressed against the side, but with the public at large, perhaps not. It’s a public that sees the profession as elite, self interested and aloof. (see silo above)

Time to break down the silo.

Want to know more about me? I’m Michael & I’m a co-founder & architect at Redshift Architecture & Art, and founder & coach at Ed Shift.

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| Not inclined to stay inside the | lines.

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