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“Learn what the rest of the world is like. The variety is worthwhile.” — Richard Feynman

There’d be few that would say they don’t learn from their lessons.
There’d be few that would say they don’t learn from their mistakes.
There’d be few that would say they don’t learn.

…but do they? Many choose to remain the same.

Do you choose to learn or to remain the same?

Learning is a choice.

Learning can be formal, but life presents so many opportunities to learn if you’re curious.

If something doesn’t correspond with what you think, believe or understand, instead of dismissing it, get curious. Why is it so? Might there be something to learn in challenging your position?

What if instead of reading or listening to journalists, writers or raconteurs you agree with, instead you spent that time with those you disagree with? What might you then learn?

When you’re in a conversation are you listening? Have you heard what is being said or are you just politely (or impolitely) waiting to say your next bit? Next time you’re in a meaningful conversation don’t following up with your opinion, idea or contradiction, instead, ask a question.

Do you accept everything that is in front of you, everything you believe or do you question some or all of it? Are you curious and choose to find out more? Do you then seek broad sources for the information you seek, or just one?

How might you choose to learn today?
Get curious.
Research a firmly held belief and find a new side to it.
Listen to or read work from those you disagree with.

Choose learning.

Want to know more about the author?
I’m Michael, co-founder of
Redshift Architecture & Art, and founder & coach at Ed Shift.

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