(Dis)Functional Communication

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Life was so easy before Covid-19, right?

Everything ran so well. Everyone was across what they were meant to be doing, what everyone else was doing, knew where things were at and what else needed to be done. Communication was always so clear. Yes?


Considering the meeting.
Meetings can suck up lots of time. There’s often peripheral conversations, ones on irrelevant matters or those on the side excluding many in the room. People are in the room that don’t really need to be there. Less gets done than needed or little that’s constructive is achieved. Meetings go awry, they’re often an extremely inefficient way of communicating and working.

How might you do it better?
Start with the consideration of what the meeting is for?
To disseminate information? Make a decision? Work together on a problem? Something else?

How might that be done without everyone being in the room together? There are so many ways online.
One nice thing about online meetings, for example, is that those side conversations, the ones that distract, the ones that waylay the direction and order of a meeting, are so much harder to conduct online.

Stepping even further back. Is the meeting really necessary? Can it be done differently?

This is what we face now we can’t be in the same room together. Now is the opportunity to not continue to do what we did badly before, but instead to find ways to do it better.

If it works remotely, it will still work once you’re all back in the office together again.

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Michael is the co-founder of
Redshift Architecture & Art, and founder & coach at Ed Shift.

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