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As the Covid-19 lock down started, we had to shift our thinking. Coming up with new ways of doing things. Making changes we previously thought impossible.

We’re being creative in the challenges that we’ve faced. Pivoting and finding new ways to do our work.

If we were to get curious about this. Why is it that things that were previously thought impossible are now possible? What is the thinking that brought this to bear? This thinking that has allowed us to adapt, to make change happen?

How might we now continue to think like this? To be agile and creative always.

What are the things you’ve changed your mind about? Those things that you previously hung on to, failed to change or challenge, thinking them too hard?

How might you now use this new mindset, this new way of thinking to make change happen and do better work in the future?

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Michael is the co-founder of
Redshift Architecture & Art, and founder & coach at Ed Shift

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