Architects Know What’s Wrong…

YES AND… Do They Know What’s Right?

We’re hardwired for negativity.

Yes, and we can find a way to be better than that.

We never hear from architects only the voice of the developers and planners in our media. Yes, and I don’t need to be asked, now is a good time to stand up, be a voice for our profession or find a way to support the people that could be ourvoice.

There’s a lack of recognition in the broader community of the value of architects. Yes, and as a creative person maybe I can come up with half a dozen ways to improve upon this situation.

Our clients always say our fees are too high, but we never make any money. Yes, and maybe that’s now the perfect time to put those half dozen ideas I came up with into action.

Project managers have taken over a significant part of the role of architects. Yes, and maybe there are lessons in that, and we could restructure our office to be multi-disciplined.

I don’t think it’s worth paying membership fees to a professional body that doesn’t serve us. Yes, and I can see that they’re under-resourced and in need of membership to step up with their fees and contributions.

Our politicians are destroying our cities. Yes, and that presents a significant political platform to stand on to realise change in the political environment.

“This” architect always seems to win all the work. Yes, and they would probably be worth studying to understand as to how to be better at business and marketing.

Local Councils are a pain and incompetent. Yes, and I can also make mistakes and find it difficult to keep on top of my work when beset from all directions. How might I support them?

It’s ridiculous how much this public building cost. Yes, and isn’t it wonderful that there were people that thought that spending money on public buildings was valuable.

We need significant change in the architecture profession. Yes, and I don’t need anyone to pick me, I’m picking myself and making the changes I want to see.

Yes, and there’s many more answers to be found.

Yes, and as a creative profession perhaps it’s about time to channel some of that creativity and design thinking into finding answers.

Yes, and as a profession in the construction industry, it’s valuable to focus on building, not tearing down.

Yes, and the profession has the potential to be leaders. By leading positively, we may well find those concerns above will be turned around.

I know you know what’s wrong.
Yes, and do you know what’s right?
Don’t wait to be picked.

Michael is the founder of unmeasured, supporting architects in their practice through coaching, workshops and community.

Helping architects find their desire lines in practice.

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels




| Not inclined to stay inside the | lines.

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Michael Lewarne

Michael Lewarne

| Not inclined to stay inside the | lines.

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