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Forget about asking: How did I get here?

How you got there doesn’t matter as much as you think.

We waste too much time convincing ourselves how we got here matters.
- Looking for fault in something or someone else. BUT this doesn’t change you.
- The need to understand the failures in order to prevent them happening again. BUT there’s no guarantee, and history repeats far too often.
- We invested so much time and money in it. BUT they’re sunk costs.

They may be relevant and useful considerations in some small way, but they allow you to avoid the harder, more important work of what to do now and how to do it. They keep you back, not move you forward.

Some better questions are: What did I learn? What do I see now, that wasn’t apparent before? What can I do better or differently?

Now you’re getting somewhere.

Don’t hide in the past when you’re trying to build a future.

Want to know more about the author? I’m Michael, co-founder of Redshift Architecture & Art, and founder & coach at Ed Shift, where this article was first published.

Photo by Borislav Krustev on Pexels

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