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Commitment can be hard. Being non-committal is the reason so many people fail. How might you do more than just think about it?

When you stand at the edge of a skate bowl you have to fully commit, or it’s likely you’ll come off.
Photo by Enric Cruz López on Pexels [cropped and edited]

Once you’ve set a goal you are on the hook to practice in order to reach that goal.
Photo by freestocks.org on Pexels [edited]

Working remotely is not the same process as working in an office. Nor should it be. So how might architects do remote work differently?

Sometimes remote work can give you a sense of FOMO, like there’s another world you’re entirely removed from.
Photo by Maria Orlova on Pexels [edited]

Architects are more than designers and it’s essential for architects to embrace this. Here’s why…

Image by Alexey Derevtsov on Pexels [cropped]

Standing for something builds respect, identity and confidence. It’s also the most effective way to create lasting change in the world.

Lacaton and Vassal stand for adaptive reuse.
mage by Jean-Pierre Dalbéra on Wikimedia Commons [edited & cropped]

In order to make change happen sometimes, instead of driving it, we simply need to be vulnerable, modelling it for others to follow. This is the action of a leader.

Image by Iain on Pexels [edited & cropped]

If you’re not taking the time to ask hard questions of your practice and answering them, you’re probably not advancing your practice.

Image by Albie Patacsil on Pexels [cropped]

No matter what anyone tells you, book covers and first impressions matter. We can nevertheless reframe their importance.

Image by Jimmy Chan on Pexels [edited]

Our identities are often tied up with our way of thinking. By rethinking our identities we begin to overcome habitual thinking that might be holding us back.

“I must not write on walls I must not write on walls…” Thoughts repeated over and over again reinforce instead of question the possibility of identity.
Image by Laker on Pexels [cropped & edited]

Change can be gradual or sudden. It is inevitable. So there’s a choice for architectural practice, be forced to change by the context in which you practice or choose to change into the practice you’d like to be.

Image by Taryn Elliott on Pexels [cropped & edited]

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